Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
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Monday, February 23, 2009

the roller coaster

I have had the most emotional roller coaster these past 3 weeks that I do not even know where to start but know that i need to put some thoughts down...I should not get into many details as this is a big family issue...more complicated than most people realize and some people close to me have had to witness some tough times.

Really, the timing of this all was very difficult as I was adapting to teaching first graders while entertaining my cousin from Germany and fighting a very bad sinus infection while conducting parent conferences where majority of my students parents never received the letter as to why they were meeting with me and not the other teacher. I really was doing conferences with a fever and a very, very stuffy nose that would still run once in awhile. As a teacher, I know I should not do run-on sentences but why bother when I am trying to just get some thoughts down...really, this is what I want to do.

I have not been able to do anything really that help me to relax because of the busyness of life...what happened to my evening time of reading? or my journaling? or heck, even my running every other day? or having time with friends...instead, i have found myself these past few weeks working all day and then coming home to only leave again to go somewhere to show the town of Phoenix...I mean, i don't mind traveling around and being out and about...its just when you just want to relax once awhile and you are expected to do something does it get annoying and hard...I think the only thing that i began to look forward to were the times that I got to spend with Dustin.

I really want to thank the love of my life for being there for me through all this. Even if my parents are trying to limit the time we get to see each Dustin keeps saying, its only a matter of weeks before I can have my freedom. I know when you read this sweety, I want you to know that I really appreciate you staying by my side through this all...thank you for letting me use your shoulder to cry on and venting all my stressful times...I cannot wait for the day we get to be together as much as we want.

My biggest prayer right now is that I can approach my parents on moving out and finding the right place for me until I find a place on my own. Also, that God works on my parents hearts on the family situation and that us kids can approach them with the right words. I pray that God will continue to guide Dustin and I in the right direction and remember to keep Him in the center of our relationship.