Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
Adventures of the Combs

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

how relaxing

So here is a map of Regensburg (that I forgot to rotate) but it gives everqone an idea how big the city is. I was able to run around the Altstadt in 30 minutes. It was amazing to see the Danube River in the morning light where everything is just waking up. When I went running, all the cafes were just setting up there tables and chairs and few people were heading to work. I am glad to start running again because it just helps the day get off on the right foot.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


random statue we saw on our journeys; Marienplatz; Schloss Garden

So I got back from München about two hours ago completly tired...oh what a wonderful time it was...just check out these pictures and more!

-lots of walking
-experience the U-Bahn, the S-bahn and the Tram in the two days Ana and I stayed.
-sight of the oktoberfest, Olympic stadium, Schloss, English Garden
-lots of good food
-even saw the outskirts of München because our hotel was about 30 minutes from the center (even if it said 15 minutes online)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bilder!!!! aber bicht aller...

the city mouse

The jumbo from Phoenix to London

Pommes Frits mit Familie

Yay for the cousins together

Dom in Regensburg

the Danube River

Leaving for Deutschland from Phoenix

I am slowly getting into the routine here in Regensburg. I have class from 9-10 with my German literature which is helping with my German quite well. Lots of explaining themes and other things in German. Then I have a break until 1 when I have my culture class. Ruth, my roommate, Ana and I normally go out for lunch between our classes. Then, after our culture class is time to relax a little before its time to tackle the homework. I already have write a paper for tomorrow night but tomorrow is a holiday here and majority of the stores will be closed. We tried to convince our teachers to not have class but they still want to meet...all well, I guess I know what I will be doing tonight. There is a carnival in town that Sabina wanted us to go to tonight but I might not go since I need to get the paper, they are going so late and it is on the opposite side of town...meaning you have to walk there...well, that is only a 20 minute walk but who knows how late people are staying.

The weather is really cold here and I went yesterday to H & M to buy myslef a scarf. I had forgotten mine at home which was dumb of me. I did not expect it to be so cold here!! Hopefully the weather will clear up for Friday so that we can have nice weather when we go to Munich on Friday.

I am lucky because some people brought there laptops here and we found a cafe that has wireless for free, hence I am able to upload some pictures and write a little here. Yay for that!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The first 5 days

So I know that I already sent alot of this in my email but not everyone probably received this so sorry for the repeat but some new adventures will be added.
Thursday I left Phoenix in the evening and headed over to London, a lovely nine hour flight where I slept maybe three hours. Followed by a search of my bag at the airport for the school scissors I forgot I put in there and a three hour layover. Eventually I headed to Düsseldorf where I met my family at the airport. Saturday we went into Altstadt Düesseldorf so that I could buy my train pass and do some shopping. It was amying to be with my cousins and be speaking Duetsch with I can say very little English words...well, I had to since they would not understand. In the evening we made pizza in the oven my uncle has outside. The best pizzas ever!!!! Sunday, I went to church at the Jesus Haus with everyone and then it was time for my most nerving adventure, the trains. But all went really well after all since I did arrive in Regensburg. The first train was really comfortable and I could relax and read. This trip took about 3 hours until I got to Nürnberg where I had to wait half an hour before we traveled to Regensburg. This train was packed and not comfortable at all. I just sat there and read maybe a few pages but could hardly concentrate. It did begin to rain once i arrived and had to walk the 5 minutes from the Bahnhof to the hotel in the rain. I must say I enjoyed it though despite pulling two heavy suitcases along the way. I just relaxed the rest of th evening getting to know my roomate Ruth.

Today was the best day considering we had orientation and got to know everything we needed to survive the city. We first took a 30 minute walk to the Gymnasium where we will have our afternoon classes and back to the hotel. Then, Sabina, a girl from the University came and took us on a 3 hour city tour of Regensburg...lots and lots of walking! And lots and lots of information with all the places we need to know. Then, we got blind folded in the middle of a courtyard and had to culturize oursleves with true Bayern things- pretzel, cheese....and yes, I had my first small sip of beer...I was not the only one but I must say it was I know the taste and...I do not think I like too much the taste of it or at least the kind we had...once, we were done with that we got paired up and led somewhere and had to find our way to a restaurant in the middle of the park...the goal was to ask people where it is in German...the girls with me were lucky since I ended up doing the questioning....we eventually found it by grouping with another group...the food was delicious there!!! Then, we had free time where some of went grocerz shopping...and now we have free time for the rest of the evening...

Sadly, I cannot figure out how to post pictures yet but they are soon to come. The internet cafe I am using at the moment is pretty expensive since it costs 2,00 Euros for 30 I am on a mission to find a cheaper one...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It is here!

I leave tomorrow!!!!!

First stop is London for almost 4 hour layover, then arrive in Düsseldorf to be with family until Sunday and then it is off to Regensburg.
I just cannot believe it is officially here!
The map gives everyone an idea where I will be living for 5 weeks.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The packing

So here I am, 11 days until I leave for Deutschland and making sure I have everything settled online to make things easier while I am away. It is a long process but slowly but surely I will get there. I am someone who does not like being online all the time so for me to be a lot right now is driving me crazy.
This week was crazy with trying to figure out how many pieces of luggage I can check-in. I am gone for six weeks and that means I need to think way ahead on what I will need. Of course I will be visiting the laundry mat on regular basis so that I have clean clothes, but it is not like I can just step into my closet to figure what to wear. After a few emails and a phone call, I confirmed British
Airways allows two pieces of checked in luggage, yes!

This will be a long 11 days filled with much activity...hanging out with family and friends especially:)