Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The packing

So here I am, 11 days until I leave for Deutschland and making sure I have everything settled online to make things easier while I am away. It is a long process but slowly but surely I will get there. I am someone who does not like being online all the time so for me to be a lot right now is driving me crazy.
This week was crazy with trying to figure out how many pieces of luggage I can check-in. I am gone for six weeks and that means I need to think way ahead on what I will need. Of course I will be visiting the laundry mat on regular basis so that I have clean clothes, but it is not like I can just step into my closet to figure what to wear. After a few emails and a phone call, I confirmed British
Airways allows two pieces of checked in luggage, yes!

This will be a long 11 days filled with much activity...hanging out with family and friends especially:)

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