Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
Adventures of the Combs

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sedona+Hubby=Great Getaway

Our journey began after we dropped Sitka at grandpa's house. The drive up to Sedona was a little slow as we hit some traffic due to an accident neat Sunset Point.

Finally arrived in Sedona in time
for lunch at the wonderful Hideaway Restaurant.
Then, it was time to walk around main street and enjoy the views.
 Dustin loves beef jerky and we found this place where they sold all kind of jerky.

A couple that was with us in the story followed us out of the store and asked if "we jerks" wanted a picture together. 

 We had some time left before dinner so we decided to drive Red Rock Loop and check out some other scenery. Cathedral Rock had some amazing shots in the late afternoon sunlight so we had some fun taking pictures.
Arizona Snowman

Driving off into the sunset.
Dustin's choice for dinner: ribs!
Red Rock Fantasy of Lights 
 Pink Jeep Tour
Diamondback Gulch Tour
 The views along the way were beautiful and we got to explore an area where we can go back to hike.
 Pictures DO NOT show how deep some of the areas were or how steep!
 After we survived the actual gulch, we stopped to take pictures.

 After the tour, we decided to drive through Oak Creek Canyon to see some snow since Sedona did not have any.

Such a wonderful trip this was to spoil my husband for Christmas.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas preparation began with Mir making a cherry pie and an apple pie. This was the first time that she made an apple pie.
 Sitka needed to get into the festivities as well with her hat and necklace.
 After dinner, it was time for some family what came out:)
 The Combs' Second Christmas together with the addition of Sitka this year.
 PJ time...Dustin was very excited for his this year.
I got me a new pair of toe shoes!!!!!!
 Dustin got a new tshirt.
 His big gift was to go to Sedona for a night and the big part of it was to do a Pink Jeep Tour.
 My big gift was a pair of diamond earrings.
Christmas morning with the Linkes...yummy breakfast and then it was time to open presents.
 Rowan enjoying her 1st Christmas.
Benjamin                                                      Ethan                                  Aubrey
Max just laying around amongst all the presents.

Overall, it was an excellent Christmas filled with lots of wonderful memories. Definitely enjoying this wonderful break with an amazing hubby by my side. 
Thanks for all you do Dustin!