Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
Adventures of the Combs

Saturday, February 28, 2015

This week...

I could not have been any happier to see the end of this week and celebrate the fact that my little man is 4 months old already. 
I came home to a very cranky man but am glad we could snap some updated pictures of him with his bear. 
At least we could get him to smile just a little bit. 
This picture really shows what he likes to do now that he is teething like crazy. Within 20 minutes of him wearing this shirt, the front of it was soaked with drool. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Worst Monday

I Well, this was a day I did not expect: to get in a car accident on the way to work and have my car be totaled pretty much. I knew someday this would happen, but today? Really? It's that annoying on ramp traffic that finally got to me as I was checking traffic to merge into the lane. It all happened so quickly! You check to merge, turn around and see the truck slowing down immediately, and the next thing you see is the airbag smoke filling up your eyes because of the impact. God protected me thankfully but I still question why today? God only knows th reasons and now I must figure out the aftermath. Insurance, rental car, find a new car, and still move on with work and taking care of my family. 
The strangest thing is about the two dreams I had last night. One being about a plane crashing a block or two away from my parents house and seeing it how it happened while standing in their backyard. It was just so distinct. A Southwest Airlines plane spiraling out of control. The other dream I know was an accident of some sort but cannot recall what it was at the moment. 
I guess what is harder about this day is that Theo seems to be full on teething. He has been so good about sleeping through the night until last night. He woke up at 1am hungry and something really bothering him. Then he woke up again at 4am with the same thing. Also, he has pooped three days in a row. For about over a month now he was pooping every 2-3 days. Poor little man. 
Thankfully I have an amazing hubby who is helping with all of this today on his comp day. What would I do without this amazing man? Also, thankful for my parents being supportive and for the help we needed this morning. 
Thankful for the time to just lay down on the floor with my son and read a book together. Felt good to just relax and let the diffuser spread Stress Relief oil in the room. I just want to do this all the time. This evening I have very much anxiety about driving and work. 
One day I will get to be home with this little boy...only two more weeks after this until Spring Break. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Times

Love seeing my boys on the couch each doing their own thing. 
Wish I could take a 2 hour nap like this! Instead, I was making cookies, pasta salad, and ironing our clothes. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

My Favorite Times

So after I nurse little man at his morning feeding, I like to just sit in the rocking chair in the dark just listening to his noises. Most of the time he is awake and just sucking on his hands or talking a little bit. This is my favorite because I don't get to just ever sit and listen during the daytime. There are a million things calling to my attention and needs to get done before little man is hungry again. Plus, Monday through Friday I'm at work all day and get just limited time with him in the evening. 
Another thing I love is seeing my hubby interact with the little man. He has grown into such an amazing father to Theo. I love his silliness that comes out to entertain the little man, especially when he gets fussy while we eat dinner. Parents are definitely special creatures when it comes to distracting a fussy baby. Of course, we are dealing with teething which in itself is very special as well. I feel bad for the little man since he doesn't understand what is going on. But man can Dustin distract him sometimes in the evenings. Theo will just look with the biggest eyes. 
Looking forward to seeing how little man develops more and more his personality. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 1

Man, you don't realize how much you use a certain thing until you don't use it! Loved the time I had doing other stuff though. Wish I felt better though, must be a head cold again or allergies. 
This evening I spent discipling one of my senior girls and Theo actually was well behaved. Thankful that we had this time together. 
This whole teething thing is quite an adventure, let me tell you that. Poor guy just doesn't understand what to do. I was lucky that he even tried chewing on his elephant tonight. 
Theo got to wish Opa a happy birthday this afternoon. He gave Opa a good slobber. 

Need to get my rest so my eye stops twitching. Wonder what that is all about...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lent 2015

So as I have been pondering what I will do for Lent this year, I realized I needed to do something to help me focus on my life again. (Can't do a major diet change since I want to still be providing as much as possible for the little man) Having a little baby really takes up quite a bit of time and so when I have down time, what am I doing? Checking Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or occasionally Twitter. I find myself mostly addicted to Facebook. I am busy comparing myself to the other ladies who recently had babies and how their little ones are doing so much more than my little one. I tell myself all the time that I'm good they way that I am right now but the little lies always come back. Or seeing how much a mother is pumping while at work when some days I struggle to just get enough. I keep finding myself saying that sometimes I wish Facebook didn't exist. I love that I can keep in touch with so many people worldwide. But is it hurting me more than helping? Am I that weak right now that I can't just turn away from that?

Here is my hope for the next 40 days:
I focus on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. (Dive into God's word)
I focus on being a better person in general. (Health wise both emotionally and physically)
I focus on being a wife and a mother.  (Allowing myself to not compare)

I want to blog about my journey as much as possible so feel free to follow me as much as you want. Everyone can still get ahold of me via email, text, WhatsApp, and I'll most likely stay on Instagram as I need a way to post my pictures still. If you can't tell, I LOVE pictures!! 

Here it goes with my journey to be a better me! May I focus on the life that God has given me.