Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
Adventures of the Combs

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 1

Man, you don't realize how much you use a certain thing until you don't use it! Loved the time I had doing other stuff though. Wish I felt better though, must be a head cold again or allergies. 
This evening I spent discipling one of my senior girls and Theo actually was well behaved. Thankful that we had this time together. 
This whole teething thing is quite an adventure, let me tell you that. Poor guy just doesn't understand what to do. I was lucky that he even tried chewing on his elephant tonight. 
Theo got to wish Opa a happy birthday this afternoon. He gave Opa a good slobber. 

Need to get my rest so my eye stops twitching. Wonder what that is all about...

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