Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
Adventures of the Combs

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bilder!!!! aber bicht aller...

the city mouse

The jumbo from Phoenix to London

Pommes Frits mit Familie

Yay for the cousins together

Dom in Regensburg

the Danube River

Leaving for Deutschland from Phoenix

I am slowly getting into the routine here in Regensburg. I have class from 9-10 with my German literature which is helping with my German quite well. Lots of explaining themes and other things in German. Then I have a break until 1 when I have my culture class. Ruth, my roommate, Ana and I normally go out for lunch between our classes. Then, after our culture class is time to relax a little before its time to tackle the homework. I already have write a paper for tomorrow night but tomorrow is a holiday here and majority of the stores will be closed. We tried to convince our teachers to not have class but they still want to meet...all well, I guess I know what I will be doing tonight. There is a carnival in town that Sabina wanted us to go to tonight but I might not go since I need to get the paper, they are going so late and it is on the opposite side of town...meaning you have to walk there...well, that is only a 20 minute walk but who knows how late people are staying.

The weather is really cold here and I went yesterday to H & M to buy myslef a scarf. I had forgotten mine at home which was dumb of me. I did not expect it to be so cold here!! Hopefully the weather will clear up for Friday so that we can have nice weather when we go to Munich on Friday.

I am lucky because some people brought there laptops here and we found a cafe that has wireless for free, hence I am able to upload some pictures and write a little here. Yay for that!

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