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Slovakian Combs(s) Over
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Heavenly Man

I had the opportunity to read an amazing book about a missionary that escaped from China and his amazing adventures while he was in China. His name is Brother Yun or also known as the "Heavenly Man." Brother Yen became a Christian leader despite the opposition in China to Christianity but he did pay for it while being imprisoned not just once or twice but three times. The torture that he experienced while being in prison will make you cringe and feel the pain for him. But he continued to look to God and pray no matter what he suffered. He was not a single man during these expereinces. His wife Dejing went through a lot as well since she was married to a man that was wanted in China. What I liked about the book is that it included her side of the story as well and what God was teaching her throught the tough times. The visions that God gave both of them were quite amazing to read and evidence that God will help you through anything and everything when you are willing to listen and see. Dejing knew many times when Yun would be able to escape or be released from prison. Even though Dejing had to raise their two children for some time by herself, I admire her that she continued to be faithful to her husband. Many friends and family told her time and time again that she should get a divorce. But Dejing listened to what God wanted her to do and everything turned out for their marriage.

I pray for all the missionaries that are working in the field, spreading God's word and the opposition they feel many times. I know that I might be joining them one day and pray that God will work in Dustin and my life as we are out there.

The Heavenly Man Book

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