Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Immunization Shots Are No Fun

Wednesday was little mans four month checkup where he once again got five shots (two shots in each thigh and one to drink, the Roto Virus). This time he had a reaction with hair not feeling good. Not sure if he has something else going on at the same time because he was already having trouble on Tuesday. I mean, the kid loves to eat and for him to refuse two bottles on Tuesday AND yesterday? There is something going on. We thought maybe it was the nipple that he needed a bigger opening. Well that only worked for the first bottle yesterday. The rest of the day he just wanted to sleep. Poor kiddo! He just didn't know what he wanted last night. Put that together with a hubby that didn't feel good and man oh man did this Mama have her hands full. Plus, the kids wanted to do a science experiment with making an egg bouncy, so what did I have to do? Go get 32 eggs and boil them last night. It is tough balancing this whole being a teacher and a mama!! 
I'm praying that I can find something different to do next school year. We plan on staying at least one more school year in the country so that means we need to be creative with income. I have had some rough days this week about driving all the way to work and being gone for so long each day. My boy is growing up to quickly! 
Plus, I feel that I've hardly had any time with the hubby since Little man seems to be changing so much and needs a little more attention this week. (as I'm writing, Theo has discovered the sound his fingernail makes as he scratches the mattress sheet:) I did just cut his nails) (yes, once again I'm sitting in his room so I can listen to his little noises, these are my special moments as he tries to drift back to sleep) 
Well, I better get ready for work, I guess...

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