Slovakian Combs(s) Over

Slovakian Combs(s) Over
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eagles Nest

So we took our last excursion on Friday to the Konigsee und Eagles Nest. Both were really pretty places to be at but too bad we were just so rushed all the time and the weather was very cloudy. It rained off and on throughout the day. We even had snow when we were up at Eagles Nest!!

Our first stop was the Konigsee which is located between two mountain terrains. The tree go all the way down to the water line and makes the water look really dark. In some places though the water is shallow enough that you can see the bottem. This was especially true by the barbor where we got onto the boat we took over to another location. Everyone was so hungary that all they could think of was food when we landed. I must admit, I was excited to finally try the German Potato Pancakes because that is one of my favorite meals at home. We had limited time for looking around and so I only was able to take a few pictures of the church that was built there. Some people in the group were enjoying the ducks:)
Our second stop was Hitler's Tea House which he had only officially visited 14 times in his life because he was scared of heights. What a birthday present this was for him when he hardly ever stayed there! The weather was nice since it cleared up enough for us to have an amazing view. I had been here 4 years ago but it had snowed. Not this time, or at least I first thought. After taking a few pictures the clouds began to move in and it began to rain. The rain eventually turned into snow and it got really cold. After a few more pictures I went in to enjoy the warmth inside. But it was worth going to see some parts of Austria from up there!

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